WE Deliver RESULTS!!! 



WE Deliver RESULTS!!! 


About Us

Organically grown in 2016, we worked hard on developing the right types of relationships to influence campaigns organically. We have put together a team of results driven professionals that work hard to stay current, and sometimes ahead, of current marketing practices.

With our positive disposition and intellect, we have created and maintained some amazing projects. We drove up their engagements and impressions. Our goal is to have each campaign go viral. It is our belief that influencer marketing is the future for social advertising campaigns, and with the right approach, it can give back ten times the ROI.

Services we offer our clients

  • Website Development

  • PPC

  • Social Media

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Managed SEO Services

  • Design Services

  • SAAS

  • Call Tracking

  • Managed Blogging Services

  • Enterprise Level Content Marketing 

  • High Quality Video Content

  • Local Rankings 

  • Press Release & Distribution 

  • Reputation Management 

  • Daily Rank Tracking 

You’ll learn quickly that we are passionate about:

  • Sports

  • Fitness

  • Travel

  • Business Influencers

  • Branding


Live to Inluence


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Live to Inluence


Contact Me

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Meet Our Team



Travis Huff


Travis is the definition of a leader. Each day (and we mean every day) he strives to drive our team to get the most influence from us and our campaigns. Utilizing his friendly and outgoing personality, he gives his team the guidance and direction they need to provide the best service possible. When he is away from the office people may know him as 2TALLIN’ because he stands at 6’8”. He’s too tall for this world! 2TALLIN’ also happens to be his artist name. Besides marketing, music is his other big passion. A lot of his inspiration and drive comes from his wife, Amber, and his father who represent hard work and going for their dreams. Overall, the two things he is most proud of is the results we’ve driven for our clients and marrying his queen, Amber


Social Media Marketer & Sales

Anthony’s love of learning has helped him develop a diverse skill set that makes him a marketing force. To create captivating posts, he researches relevant information and attends client meetings to better understand the goals and products of each campaign. The combination of his wealth of knowledge, positive personality, and desire to succeed has molded him into the intelligent, easy going person he is today. When he is not busy working or studying for his law degree, he is spending time with his precious son and girlfriend. In addition, he loves watching and playing basketball and football. At the end of the day, he is most proud of his efforts toward being the best version of himself that he can be.




Social Media Marketer & Copy Writer

She is a graduate from Washington State University and she plans to use her English degree for something other than writing a legendary book. Her love of grammar and diction allows her to come up with compelling ways of grasping the interests and the attention of any audience. She displays this in the art form of marketing. Angelique wants to use her marketing skills to create a buzz for our clients. When she is away from work, she enjoys spending time with her son, finishing her Master's degree, and coaching U-14 volleyball.



Social Media Scheduler

If you are looking for excellent content on your social media platform, Michael is the guy. He curates and schedules content to boost customer interaction and engagement. Besides scheduling, this soon to be graduate from Cal can solve a Rubik's cube in under 1.5 minutes and loves to play his guitar to de-stress.



Social Media Marketer

Some people might say they are a hard worker, but Crista shows it time and time again through the campaigns she runs and the fact that she was awarded Alumni and Friends Scholarship at the Top Dog Alumni Awards Gala at Fresno State. This Bulldog Alumni schedules posts, manages pages across different social media platforms, and is always up for a new challenge. It doesn’t matter how difficult a task may seem, her ability to learn quickly, give attention to detail, and sheer determination will ensure the job is done and done well. The only time you will see her running outside the office. She used to run cross-country and now just does it for fun. .